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My name is Rekha Sindhal. I have been teaching mathematics for more than eight years in India (1981- 1989) and also has been teaching in America since 2006 I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Science, a Master's degree in language arts. 

As you probably know, math has the power to make or break a child's confidence. Children feel smarter if they know how to solve problems and their self-esteem can become low if they fail. Most children fall behind in mathematics because they have trouble mastering problem identifying and solving skills. Every child has a different pace of learning and grasping a subject. Mathematics can be an art to enjoy if learned with guided practice. Just as dance can be learned and mastered through practice, children can learn the series of steps it takes to solve math problems and can take pride in getting better grades and enjoying school. 

During my first session with your child, I offer a free diagnostic evaluation with which you will be able to see and compare your child's results with national and international standards. You are not obligated to sign-up for classes until your child is ready so please contact me to give your child an opportunity to learn to love math!

Contact me today about your first free session! 

Mrs. Rekha Sindhal at 615-260-8794 or e-mail me at tutor@mathfactorial.com